Who is who

Sarah Vanhee is an artist whose practice is linked to performance, visual art and literature. It uses different formats and is often (re)created in situ. She initiated and created Lecture For Every One, and is one of its performers.

Mylène Lauzon is a writer, performer and dramaturge. She has been working in the field of choreography for fifteen years. Since 2006 she has created lecture-performances that have been presented on European and American scenes. She is performing the French version of Sarah Vanhee’s project Lecture For Every One.

Juan Dominguez Rojo is performer, choreographer, stage director and curator, working in the field of choreography in its broad sense. Exploring the relationship between different codes, his works advocate the dissolution between fiction and reality. His latest focus is on the influence artistic practices have in conventional reality. His work in LFEO is a collaboration with Sarah and Berno in creating the text of the lecture and the way of performing it.

Berno Odo Polzer is a researcher, curator and dramaturge working in the fields of contemporary music, dance and performance. He is currently writing a PhD on the Political Genealogy of Circularity. Together with Sarah and Juan he was working on the text as well as on performative aspects of LFEO.

Dirk Pauwels was a former member of Radeis. Until 2011 he first was the artistic director of Nieuwpoorttheater, then Victoria and CAMPO. He now works as an autonomous artist, artistic entrepreneur, theatre maker and mentor.

Kristien Van den Brande is a freelance worker – writer, dramaturge, assistant, performer – in contemporary performing arts. For Lecture For Every One she is the intermediary between the artist/performers and the organizations who invite the text in their meetings. She made the website for LFEO.

Marika Ingels worked for the production company Victoria (Ghent) from 2000 on. Since 2008 she’s part of the artistic team of arts centre CAMPO, producer of Lecture For Every One. She followed the creation process of LFEO; she assists in the co-ordination of the project on tour, keeps an eye on the website and is the contact person for different organisations.

Linda Sepp is a German student of “Médiation Culturelle” in Marseille, France. She will assist in co-ordination, documentation and production work.

Edith Goddeeris is a performer, a theatre maker and a drama teacher. For Lecture For Every One she will be the associate of Sarah in some of the cities where LFEO is invited. She will contact the organizations, accompany Sarah to the meetings and she will publish everything on the website in due course.

Elina Pirinen is a Finnish choreographer, dancer, performer, singer-songwriter, artistic director and teacher currently living in Helsinki. Elina performs the Finnish version of Lecture For Every One: “Luento Jokaiselle Teistä”.

Anabela Almeida is a Portuguese actress, working with the company Mala Voadora since its founding. She also develops educational activities in the theatre area. Anabela performs the Portuguese version of Lecture For Every One.

Deborah Hazler is a dancer and choreographer living in Vienna, Austria. As a performer she has worked for Bert Gstettner / Tanz*Hotel, Oleg Soulimenko and most recently Anne Juren while continuously creating her own works. In 2010 Deborah co-founded the non-profit organization RAW MATTERS, whose aim is to support performance artists by presenting their work. Deborah performs the German (Austrian) version of Lecture For Every One.

Tove Wiréen has been working as an actress for about 15 years, mostly in Gothenburg and surroundings. The last two years she has also dedicated to a Master of fine arts-exam at HSM, the Academy of Music and Drama at Gothenburg University. Tove performs the Swedish version of Lecture For Every One.

Sara Masotti has worked as an actress for the most interesting Italian companies in the field of theatre research and performative arts, taking part in productions by a.o. Fanny & Alexander and Orthographe, and in the film products by Zapruder Filmmakersgroup. At the moment she’s working with the company Un’ottima lettera. Sara performs the Italian version of Lecture For Every One.

Katja Dreyer studied at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht where she graduated as a performer / theatre maker in 1999. Since 2000 she has been working in Belgium and elsewhere as a maker/ co-creator and as a performer in the field of dance, theatre and performance. She has worked with and for Ivana Mueller, Bernard Van Eeghem, Miet Warlop, Superamas, Stefan Dreher, Mette Edvardsen, Sanja Mitrovic, Bill Aitchison a.o. She performs the German version of Lecture For Every One.

Iiris Viirpalu has a semiotics/culture theory background. She has worked as a freelance theatre and dance critic for two years. She practices creative writing and dance, and develops her own research on bodily expression in the performing arts. She performs the Estonian version of Lecture For Every One.

Carola Bärtschiger is a freelance performer, based in the Netherlands. She has graduated from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam (Mime)) in 2004 and is working ever since with various theatre makers and artists, like David Weber Krebs, Jetse Batelaan, Lotte van den Berg, theatergroep Bambie, Schweigman&, Nicole Beutler, Paul Hendrikse, Tristan Sharps and many more. Lecture For Every One is the second project in which she is collaborating with Sarah Vanhee.

Mariel Jana Supka is a performance artist based in London and Berlin. She has worked as a freelance performer in devised theatre, experimental music theatre and performance art since 2001. Her work focuses on collaborative production processes, which draw from a combination of practical and theoretical enquiry. Currently she is undertaking a practice-based PhD research project at the University of Roehampton. She performs the German version of Lecture For Every One in Berlin.

Matina Pergioudaki is an actress working with Vasistas theatre group, for which she also worked as an assistant director. As an actress she also worked with Askisis theatre company, Mag theatre group and Joao’s Garcia Miguel theatre company. She performs the Greek version of Lecture For Every One.

Christine De Smedt is an artist whose work is situated between dancing/performing, choreographing, coordinating, organizing and curating artistic projects. Being a member of the company les ballets C de la B from 1991 until 2012, she created her own work since 1993. She collaborated for several years with Meg Stuart – Damaged Goods and engaged in various artistic collaborations with Mårten Spångberg, Mette Edvardsen, Philipp Gehmacher, Vladimir Miller, Jan Ritsema and Xavier Le Roy, Eszter Salamon, Mette Ingvartsen, Bojana Cvejic,… Currently she is also coordinator for the Brussels based PerformingArtsTrainingStudios (P.A.R.T.S.). She performs the Dutch version of Lecture For Every One in Evergem.

Lara Barsacq is a dancer based in Brussels. She has worked with various artists in the field of dance, theater, film and performance such as Batsheva Dance Company, Jean Marc Heim, Guillerme Bothelo, Lies Pauwels, Ben Benaouisse, Benny Claessens, Jérôme Bel, Tristero, les ballets C de la B, Le GdRa a.o. She is developing her own choreographic work in collaboration with Gael Santisteva. She performs the French version of Lecture For Every One in Bordeaux and Gennevilliers.

Salka Ardal Rosengren is a Swedish dancer and choreographer. In 2006 she moved to Brussels to study at PARTS where she graduated in 2010. During her studies she made the performance Trash Talk with Mikko Hyvönen; after graduating she collaborated with Nicholas Hoffman on The Thing With A Hook. As a dancer she has among others worked with Daniel Linehan, Xavier le Roy, Eszter Salamon, Tino Sehgal and Malin Elgán. She performs the Swedish version of Lecture For Every One in Stockholm.

Bryndís Bergmann is a 15 years old Icelandic student at MH and lives in Kopavogur. She loves to draw and to compose songs, and she’s dancing in Brynja Péturs Danceschool.


Production CAMPO (Ghent)
Co-production Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Frascati Producties (Amsterdam)
Supported by STUK Kunstencentrum (Leuven)
Special thanks to all the people who helped spread LFEO.