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  1. Alari Aho at ·

    It was something different. A theatrical performance, out of the blue, in your comfortable daily office room. Talking about things you don’t think about too often, working deep into your subconsciousness. Definitely worth seeing, if you can.

  2. Planquadrat Darmstadt at ·

    LFEO is a dynamic and ambitious project involving many different people
    …….and opening a small door to our individual and collective thoughts.

  3. M., CBG Göteborg at ·

    We all need to be pushed out of our orbit of thoughts sometimes, it makes the world more interesting.

  4. Koen Byttebier at ·

    Beste Sarah,
    Hartelijk dank voor je onverwacht bezoek, dat ik de dag voordien gemist heb bij RC Kortrijk Groeninghe, maar als voorzitter van Leiedal als verrassing gesmaakt heb. Toen Bart Noels mij om toelating vroeg dit als surprise act in te lassen was ik benieuwd en enthousiast, maar ook wat onzeker over hoe dit zou opgevat worden. Ik was echter verrast hoe je de aandacht van enkele collega’s, die soms hectisch van het ene naar het andere hollen, hebt weten vast te houden.
    Ik vind dit een gedurfd en zeer geapprecieerd initiatief.
    Succes met dit en volgende projecten.
    Ik kijk uit naar een volgend “moment” samen.

  5. Faber ventures at ·

    Some comments after a Lecture For Every One at Faber ventures:

    – The lecture was a welcome intrusion
    – It cuts into the normal format
    – The team was quite open for it, some of the people had initially a defensive reaction but it changed throughout the Lecture
    – In the lecture a different kind of language is used, it’s the art language, not the business language. It’s a different approach, a comment, it gives you the possibility to reflect
    – It brings you down to earth
    – Normally things are separate at work
    – This text appeals to several levels: a personal level and a society level. It makes you conscious about your role in society. You take the raised questions home with you
    – We were impressed by the act of Sarah, found her very professional and confident about herself and about what she was doing, she had a purpose
    – Only afterwards, we realized the scale of this project: that these words are heard by a lot of people in very different meetings and in a lot of different cities

  6. Sint-Michielsgilde at ·

    Een greep uit de reacties van de bestuursleden van de Sint-Michielsgilde:
    – origineel, iets anders, we zijn dit niet gewoon
    – er zaten veel doordenkertjes in
    – de lecture is een positief signaal in een wereld vol stress waarin we geen tijd meer nemen om na te denken
    – het levert een persoonlijke reflectie op
    – het doet ons stilstaan, brengt een stilte die de kleine beslommeringen en ergernissen relativeert waardoor de communicatie met anderen gemakkelijker wordt
    – ook het open staan voor het ontvangen van een project waar je niet van weet hoe het zal vallen, is spannend en boeiend op zich

  7. Peter De Ridder at ·

    Jaarlijks krijgen de medewerkers van de Arbeidsrechtbank de kans om uitgebreid kennis te maken met organisaties of thema’s die deel uitmaken van het werkveld in de meest brede betekenis.
    Sara Vanhee verraste ons onderweg … met haar vragen, verhalen, woorden.
    In de loop van de avond bleek dat één en ander blijven hangen was. Zoals … ‘het moment er VOOR’, gelukkiger dan ik?, vrijheid.
    Het was inderdaad een lezing voor iedereen.
    Peter De Ridder

  8. philippe raets at ·

    beste sarah,
    dank voor een onvergetelijke ervaring, een kort disruptief bezoek, een off balance moment, een tekst die ontroert en vervreemdt,

  9. Armelle Verrips at ·

    Hello Sarah,
    Thank you for your reply and thank you for sharing your thoughts back with me/us.
    Greetings, Armelle

  10. NMBS-Holding at ·

    Graag deel ik met jullie enkele van de meest gehoorde reacties binnen mijn team:
    – vrij confronterend,
    – zeer innemend,
    – toch wel “zwaar”,
    – dat gaat ons bijblijven,…
    – je te jure que cela m’a captivé et que ce fut un moment totalement surréaliste et inoubliable.
    – Un peu spécial quand même…

    Het initiatief werd in ieder geval zeer geapprecieerd door de deelnemers aan mijn management meeting.

  11. Anton Wilsens at ·

    This was a very intriguing experience. In the middle of the day-to day rat race, we got pulled out of reality for 15 minutes to listen and reflect.
    The text had a very nice cadence, giving time to let it sink in and creating some tension in the audience (should we interact or not?).
    The text also sparkled a discussion immediately afterwards. Was this a pessimistic text or a realistic text? Was this ‘fiction’ or was this the ‘real opinion’ of Sarah?
    Indeed, sometimes it has more impact when the art comes to the audience instead of the audience going to the art.

  12. Jérôme Rombaux at ·

    Un moment rare, comme on a peu l’occasion d’en vivre dans le milieu professionnel.
    Tout commence par un sentiment diffus d’étrangeté, encore renforcé par la longueur, savamment calculée, des ‘blancs’ qui suggèrent un temps de réponse.
    Ils ont au moins l’avantage d’amener l’auditeur -pardon, le participant- à s’interroger en son for intérieur.
    Et toute remise en question, en ces temps indécis, est forcément salutaire.
    Pour moi, il y aura un ‘après’ cet instant ‘avant’.
    Pour cela et pour le reste, merci.

  13. Sarah V. at ·


    This is Sarah writing.
    First of all thank your for posting your comment on our forum – you bring up some interesting issues.

    Lecture For Every One is an art project, a title, a direction and a metaphor.
    Every One is not anybody.

    The presentation you saw is an exception to the regular protocol of Lecture For Every One.
    Lecture For Every One is in principle performed in situations outside the theatre, for groups of people who are already gathered together for a specific purpose. In situations where there is already a certain attention and concentration that makes it possible for me to speak and really address something. Where I’m likely to find people who are willing to give me their attention for 15 minutes. I don’t do it on market places, I don’t put it on you- tube, I don’t bring it on TV.
    I’ve tried to write a text that is simple in language but nevertheless opens complex questions. “Every one” in this sense is every person sitting in front of me at one of those meeting. Every person who has the intelligibility to understand the words I’m saying.

    If we go somewhere with LFEO, then we ask from beforehand if there will be young children or babies there, and we warn our contact person that it might be boring or long for them to listen to a 15 minutes text.
    In the last two days, there were two situations with little children where the children were attentive and not bothering in the meetings. (Besides that, sometimes people walk in and out a meeting, sometimes phones go off, sometimes people are busy with something completely different. We find it quite challenging and inspiring to deal with those unexpected facts – otherwise we would not embark on a project like this.)

    Shortly about the theatre then: since the lecture does not come as a surprise for a group of people that is already together there, I decided that, when announced in a theater, I would not just present the lecture, but I would do a presentation of the whole project. We decided to make this exception because the theatre is a very coded place – and then still also differently coded in different cultures – and we absolutely did not want to give any sign for it to be read as a show.
    I think your reaction has to do with several things: with a confusion through the hybrid situation; with the complexity of the (unwritten) (Western) theatre codes; with the expectations of a “premiere” audience; with the very practical aspect of how differently people react to loud children in situations where adults are listening; possibly with a confusion of “parrhesia” with “saying whatever comes to ones mind”; and with many different interpretations of one and the same situation. (for the record: although it was harder for me to concentrate with the baby there, I would never have asked you to leave.)

    As for my colleagues, I cannot speak in their place, but I will surely draw their attention to your comments.

    And personally, when I have just performed, yes, I like to take some time to digest everything and be on my own for a moment – before speaking to people- babies or not. There is not really so much more to say about that.

    This little event does not change anything to the idea behind Lecture For Every One. The text talks about living together on a daily basis, which includes confrontation.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


  14. P.V. at ·

    No doubt there are several versions to this story, but me, sitting in the audience, was wondering throughout (meaning: with every cry the baby made) when the parents would take the responsibility to leave. Theatre is just not the place for people (whatever age?) crying out loud with somehting that has nothing to do with what happens on stage! You owe it to the performer I think…

  15. Armelle Verrips at ·

    living together,
    we were there for your premiere at the beursschouwburg.
    me, my love and child.

    i read about the performance on the kfda website and liked the idea.

    didn’t exactly understand, but liked it anyway.

    reading the title, the link with parresias and my own concerns about making or thinking theatre for anybody,
    i thought a baby could be part of anybody.

    lecture for anybody.

    anybody you choose to lecture for….

    its ok with me,
    its not the anybody, i thought it would be.
    therefore i’m sorry for the baby
    cause i didn’t mean to harm you.

    and i’m sorry for myself cause i dont think we needed some of the violent reactions of your friends/collegues
    but its ok with me.

    I still liked what you did.
    it was a good presentation,
    a beautiful text,
    a nice way to read/perform,
    and lecture for anybody as you meant it, will probably work well.

    at least i hope so, cause its worth it.

    so i wish you good luck, a great festival and no more babys in the audience.

    imagine there are some things you didn’t expect and you don’t like.
    even if or especially if its in the festival.. which normally means a “theatre” audience.
    please feel free to say that we better go, during the performance.
    cause you are a parresiast,
    and you can tell your truth.
    we will totally understand.

    Now it’s harder to understand,
    cause lecture for anybody, was the title,
    i loved the performance,
    we went away with the baby when we realised it was to much,
    the people just before our chairs said they did not mind at all.

    but some of your friends/collegues reacted so violently
    and you didn’t want to tell me your own version,

    i don’t really understand that.

    we might not understand eachother about everything.

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