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REYKJAVÍK: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– City of Reykjavik, Department of Education and Youth. Executive committee meeting.
– Gardabaer Comprehensive Secondary School. Mathematics class.
– Matís, Food Production, Biotech and Food Security. Executive and administration meeting.
– Red Cross in Iceland. Teenagers asylum seekers’ meeting.
– Reykjavík Energy. Quality and security organization meeting.
– Sports club Fylkir. Cheerleading team, Valkyrjur, training session.
– University of the Arts in Iceland. Laugarnesvegi 91. Consultative meeting with heads of departments.
University of the Arts in Iceland. Laugarnesvegi 91. Public presentation of the project in the context of Everybody’s Spectacular.

ANTWERPEN: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Argenta. Belgian bank & insurance group. Meeting of the risk committee.
– Kunsthal Extra City. City Council.
– Open School within the framework of Inside Out (a program of OCMW). One of the classes in a tenfold course of communication.
– PROGRESS Lawyers Network Antwerp. Law office. Weekly team meeting.
Public Maintenance Deurne Zuid, Berchem & Borgerhout. Lunch break.
– Redeemed Christian Church of God. African Pentecostal Church. Sunday service.

MINDE: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Atlético Clube Alcanenense, 3rd division football club. Daily team practice.
– Centro Hospitalar do Médio Tejo. Administration and chief physicians board meeting.
– Escola Secundária de Alcanena. Teacher’s general meeting for school year beginning.
– Escola Secundária Maria Lamas, Torres Novas. High school class.
– União de Freguesias de Malhou, Louriceira e Espinheiro, community council. General assembly.

GENNEVILLIERS: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– CSM-Gennevilliers Rugby. Preparatory meeting for the club’s annual party.
– Cultural centre Aimé Césaire. Sewing workshop.
– Europ Assistance, international insurance company. Meeting of the internal communication team.
– Mosque Ennour. Inter-religious meeting at the mosque’s cultural centre.
– T2G. Public presentation of the project in the context of Le festival (tjcc).
Town hall of Gennevilliers. Meeting of the Environment Department.

STOCKHOLM: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Bontouch. Company that develops apps. Presentations of on-going projects.
– DCC. A secondary school. Planning day for the teachers.
– Environmental department. Informal staff meeting.
– Hagsätra library. A weekly Swedish language café for newly arrived immigrants.
– Karolinska University Hospital. Meeting of the doctors specialized in gynaecology & childbirth.
– MDT (try-out). Weekly staff meeting.
– POOL. An advertisement company. An after work.

BORDEAUX: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Aquitanis. Public office for accommodation in Bordeaux. Meeting on the site BTP archi.
– EDF. General French electricity company, section of the purchase of the nuclear of the ARAP (Agence Régionale Achat Production) Grand-Ouest. Meeting of the purchase staff.
– La Bellone (try-out in Brussels). Staff meeting.
– InCité. Constructor, social landlord and developer. Budget meeting.
– Many Vigier Equipements. Regional enterprise, specialized in the adaptation of utility vehicles. Planning meeting.
– Town hall of Bordeaux. Meeting of the communication department.

EVERGEM: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Calcutta, a textile company. Monthly staff meeting.
– City Council Evergem. Public hearing.
– Comeet, an intermediary joint venture – together with the 14 municipalities of the region ‘Meetjesland’ – taking care of the regional dimension of its cultural policy. Board of Directors.
– Cultural Board of Evergem. A communal entity looking for cohesion between all of the socio-cultural, amateur arts and heritage associations. General meeting.
– Femma, a women’s organization. One of the ten lessons of the course ‘Arranging flowers all year round’.
– Global Services, a company specialized in supporting end users in the context of change management, mainly in SAP implementations, Office applications and custom software. Staff meeting.
– Maldex, a family company that makes doors and (car)ports. Weekly meeting of the sales team.
– Municipal Elementary School Belzele. Monthly meeting of the direction and teachers of the nursery and primary school.

MARSEILLE: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– AFPA. Training centre. Computer course.
– Ballet National de Marseille. Rehearsal for a dance piece named ‘Le corps du Ballet National de Marseille’.
– EDF/CMCAS. Electricité De France/Caisse Mutuelle Complémentaire d’Action Sociale. Meeting of the management team about the content of the activities, the finances of the activities and the coming projects.
– Olympique Marseille. Evening activity for the players in training.

ATHENS: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– An investment research company. Weekly market review meeting.
– Batala Atenas, drumming group. Weekly rehearsal.
– Choir of the Musical Department of the National Technical University of Athens. Weekly choir rehearsal.
– Greek in the Agora, association for foreigners run by volunteers. Greek class.
– Holargos.bc, basketball team 2nd league. Training.- National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Postgraduate class of the Communication and Mass Media department “ Political Communication and New Media”.
– Poetry group. Weekly meeting at the British Council.
– Seascape Group Of Companies, Deck Equipment Supplies & Shipyard Services. Weekly meeting.
– Stone Soup, start up company for online marketing, communication and development. Search Engine Optimization meeting.
– Warply, App Design. Weekly team meeting for all employees.

AMSTERDAM: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Both ENDS. An NGO. Meeting of the directors of different NGOs and Fossilfree NL.
– DIKS car rental. Meeting of the management team.
– Diving club Thalassa. Weekly training.
– Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. Weekly meeting of the Research Group Sleep & Cognition, where each time a researcher does a presentation.
– Ondernemershuis Crataegus. Club house for entrepreneurs from Amsterdam. Entrepreneurs’ dinner.
– PopUpChurch, an alternative Christian church. PopUpKerk @ white label coffee.
– Sajet Telting & Partners. Tax lawyers. Consultation meeting with another fiscal office.
– Qelp. A provider of multi-channel customer care products for smartphones. QelpTalk, a regular employee meeting.

BERLIN: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– ASA-Program – Engagement Global gGmbH, Service for Development Initiatives. Learning and qualification program, project meeting.
–, donation platform. Organisational meeting.
– Café Anna Blume, culinary and floral specialties. Monthly staff meeting.
– Café Wippe, Berlin support for gay men. Weekly open meeting point and café.
– Craftspersons regular table Kreuzberg. Monthly meeting.
– Deutschlandradio Kultur. Editorial Meeting for the programmes “Gespräch”/”Kompressor”/”Fazit”.
– Eitner Security, security service / protection of property, watchkeeping, construction sites guards. Team meeting.
– Federal Foreign Office, department Culture and Intercultural Dialogue. Team meeting.
– Funk Gruppe, international insurance brokers and risk consultants. Meeting of the customer consultants.
– Goethe-Institut, Visitors Program Department. Team meeting.
– Jazzchoir Blue Wednesday, amateur choir. Weekly rehearsal.
– KHSB, Catholic University for Social Sciences Berlin. Induction session for first year students.
– LFS Financial Systems GmbH, consulting and management company. Argumentation training for international junior managers.
– LKJ, state umbrella association for cultural youth education. Monthly team meeting.
– MSC, Marine Stewardship Council. Lunch for employess of the departments fishing, communication and commercial management.
– Neighbourhood management Kreuzberg, urban development and environment in Kreuzberg. District Council meeting.
– NHU, Neighbourhood Center Urbanstrasse. Project meeting with long-term unemployed people.
– Organiced Kitchen, Bio catering. Staff meeting.
– Otis Elevator Company. Development Centre Meeting.
– Residents Initiative Ernst-Thälmann-Park, association of residents living in the vicinity of Ernst-Thälmann-Park. Co-ordination meeting.
– Saint Elmo’s, communication and marketing agency. Weekly team meeting.
– Saint Mary’s Church. “Celebration of the senses”, evening service with Holy Communion.
– Tango Art 13, tango dance school. Practica, open training for beginners and intermediate level.
– taz, daily newspaper. Daily editorial meeting of the heads of departments.
– Trauma Hospital Berlin. Monday lecture for the entire hospital staff.
– VHS, adult education center. German course level B2.
– Women’s Network Meeting, HAU1 Foyer. Monthly meeting.

CHAMBERY: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Atelier Porraz. Packaging company. Annual review meeting with the whole staff.
– Espace Malraux. Staff meeting.
– Louis et Perino. Architects company. Weekly meeting about current affairs.
– Maison des Adolescents. Open meeting for the whole staff.
– Orchestre des Pays de Savoie. Monthly meeting of the administrative staff.
– Ramus. Carpentry. Quarterly general meeting with the whole staff.

BERN: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Administrative Office for Education Canton Bern, Department of Culture. Board meeting.
– BEKB Region Bern, Berner Kantonalbank. Board meeting of different departments.
– Bern University of Applied Sciences, Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences. Meeting of the communication department.
BFH, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Health department. Board meeting.
– Der Bund, daily newspaper. Editorial staff meeting about the layout of the newspaper’s front cover.
– DOK, Bern’s umbrella association for social work with children. Meeting of social workers from different institutions.
– Inselspital, University Hospital. Weekly meeting of the PR and communication department.
– Rotary Club. Weekly lunch meeting.
– Salsadancers, salsa dance school. Salsa Cubana for beginners.
– Schlachthaus, Biennale Bern. Team meeting.
– Women’s choir of the cultural centre Reitschule. Weekly rehearsal.

TALLINN: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– August DanceFestival. Team and volunteers meeting at Kanuti Gildi SAAL.
– BDA Consulting, project management and consultancy company. Weekly team meeting of the whole staff to discuss current projects.
– Estonian Parliament. Meeting of the social democratic party’s ministers and chancellors.- Estonian Public Broadcasting. Weekly meeting of the radio programs board and the chief editors.
– KAFO, coffee enterprise. Weekly team meeting of the sales department.
– RSA Estonia, General Insurance Company, part of the multinational Insurance Group. Management and key stakeholders meeting.
– Swedbank. Bi-weekly meeting of the private banking department.
– Toggl, time-tracking software development. Weekly informal ‘kitchen talk’ of the team.
– Viimsi Cinema. Cinema team and workers meeting.

DARMSTADT: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Committee on Culture. Informal meeting.
– Concert choir. Last rehearsal without the orchestra before the upcoming Stockhausen concert.
– Darmstadt Marketing. City, Tourism and Event management. Meeting about Barrier Free Events in the city.
– Eumetsat (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites), intergovernmental organisation supplying weather and climate related satellite data, images and products. Monthly meeting of the human resource department.
– HEAG mobilo, public transport company in South Hesse. Bi-weekly meeting of the company’s direction.
– KAO. A chemical and cosmetics company, European headquarters. Kick-off meeting of the Research and Development department (chemical research and marketing) concerning the topic permanent wave.
– Palaterra. Public meeting around the topic of gardening and Palaterra technology.
– Planquadrat. Architects and city planners. Monday meeting for presentation of and discussion about current projects.
Rotary Club. Regular meeting for dinner, followed by a speech.

SANTARCANGELO: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Associazione micologica. Association of mushroom collectors. Board meeting to discuss the future activities of the association.
– Boxing club Santarcangelo. Weekly training starting with a run through the city.
– City Council. The new-elected Mayor convenes the first Town Council of the new City Administration of Santarcangelo.
– Convento Frati Cappuccini. Moment of prayer and encounter of the Novices with the Friars of the Convent.
– Coro Magnificat, a choir. Rehearsals before Mass.
– JUST cosmetics. Product presentation and demonstration in a private home.
– Lions Club. Summer party and ceremony of handover (investiture of the new President).
– Maggioli Editore, publishing company. Internal business meeting on the results of the previous months’ sales.
– Polizia. Monthly meeting of the traffic department.
– Santarcangelo •14 Festival Internazionale del Teatro, festival canteen. Meeting after lunch for the office staff of the festival.
Studio Battistini, housing association. Yearly meeting of appartment owners.

PARIS: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Caisse des Dépôts. Breakfast meeting combining the departments of Finance and Strategy of the Caisse des Dépôts
– CDC Climat. Weekly management meeting of CDC Climat  – a 100%-owned subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts dedicated to furthering the energy and environmental transition.
– HLM. Team building meeting.
– Espace 19. Meeting for knowledge exchange.
– Fnas. Weekly team meeting on current issues.
– La Villette. Board meeting.
– Parti de Gauche. General meeting of the 20th district of the Parti de Gauche.

GOTHENBURG: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Bokmässan, Gothenburg’s annual book fair. Celebration meeting for the staff, on the occasion of the upcoming publication of this year’s seminar program.
– CBG, a translation agency. Weekly informal meeting for all employees.
– Eskulapius, an association for apartment owners. Monthly meeting.
– Ferrum architects. Weekly informal meeting.
– Gärde Wesslau, a lawyer’s office specialized in Swedish and international commercial law. Weekly team meeting for all employees.
– Göteborgs Dans & Teater Festival. Staff meeting for the volonteers.
– Göteborg & Co, a destination development agency for Göteborg as a tourist, meeting and event destination. Meeting of the leading team
– Intermezzon, a company for performance management, change management and practical competence development offering e-learning, e-simulation and classroom training. Weekly “inspiration time” meeting.
– Lundalogik, IT company and one of the largest providers of Custormer Relationship Management in the Nordic Region. Weekly informal meeting for all employees.
– Steget Vidare, HBV Donau. A home welcoming children with a residence permit, coming to Sweden on their own. Staff meeting.
– Volvo AB, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. Farewell celebration for a member of the invoice & cost control department.

KORTRIJK: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– ACV South-West Flanders. Political debate leading up to the elections.
– Intercommunale Leiedal. Board of Directors.
– Rotary Groeninge. Statutory assembly with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Rotary club Groeninge.
– The Police. Daily briefing of the intervention team, late service.
– Voka. Speaker’s Corner. Six-weekly meeting where a number of Voka employees introduce a new project or idea to their fellow colleagues.

VIENNA: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Austrian Parliament. Weekly meeting of the European Relationships Department.
– Best in Training, language school. German class.
– Boehringer Ingelheim, pharmaceutic research and production company. Weekly meeting of the laboratory’s unit of quality control.
– brut im Künstlerhaus. Weekly meeting of the brut staff.
– Caritas’ Haus Daria, home and assistance for people who seek asylum. Weekly staff meeting.
– ERSTE Group. Quarterly networking event for ERSTE Group’s “Innovation Lab” and employees of different departments.
– ERSTE Stiftung, main shareholder of Erste Group, savings bank foundation for projects in culture and social development. Biweekly ‘jour fixe’ of the foundation’s staff.
– Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung, public service for “soft development” of Vienna’s city districts. Meeting of the “artists network” group.
– Haus Rossau, home for elderly people. Before a mandolin concert for the residents and the staff.
– MSC, Mediterranean Shipping Company, agency engaged in worldwide container transport. Biweekly meeting of the management department.
– Prison Josefstadt. Informal meeting of the prison board.
– The Gap, magazine for pop culture and music.Weekly meeting of the editorial department.
– Umweltdachverband, umbrella association for environment, nature and sustainable development. Biweekly meeting of the direction and management department.
– VinziRast, shared house for students and former homeless people. Monthly meeting of the residents and the executive team.

ROESELARE: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Dominiek Savio. Special Needs Secondary Education. Evaluation of the students.
– Fire brigade Roeselare. Training for firemen, concerning traffic accidents with jammed people.
– OCMW. Service center Ten Elsberghe. Meeting on the reform of the rehabilitation center.
– Roularta Media Group. A key player in Belgium in the publishing and printing of news and niche magazines, of newspapers and publicity. Board meeting.
– Soubry. Weekly Operations & Planning meeting.

LISBON: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Academia de Música de Santa Cecília. Teachers reunion to discuss grades for the students.
– Canal Q. A television channel. Editorial meeting.
– Centro de Acolhimento para os Refugiados. A non-governmental refugee organization. Team meeting to analyse the 2013 activities and to prepare the New Year’s party.
– Coro Gulbenkian. A choir. Rehearsal of Bach’s Weihnachtsoratorium.
– Faber. A product/venture development company that explores opportunities to build, launch and scale early stage digital businesses.
– Fundação do Gil. Organization that helps children to go back home after being hospitalized for a long time. Weekly team meeting.
– Goethe-Institut. The Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institution operational worldwide. Farewell party for the director.
– Hospital Santa Maria. A clinic session for the Medicine Service ID.
– Hotel Lutécia. Employees meeting to organize the Christmas dinner for the staff.
– Lisbon City Council. Presentation of the new mandate for culture 2013-2017.
– Maria Matos Teatro Municipal. General co-ordination meeting.
– Moinho da Juventude. A community project formed by the local inhabitants to help and work with the Cape Verdian community. Weekly intergenerational project that unites people from different ages.
– Nova School of Business & Economics. Seminar of research group – phd students.
– Social Work Irmãs Oblatas Santíssimo Redentor. A religious congregation that has the objective to follow women in a context of prostitution or sexual traffic, to promote justice and develop a process of dignity of women.
– Vodafone. Telephone company. Meeting of the staff of the OSS group Portugal.

GENT: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– ABVV East Flanders, meeting of the judges of the Labor Court.
– ACV, Christian union. Propagandists Meeting.
– Amsab Institute of Social History, the Heritage Centre for social, humanitarian and ecological committed movements. Team meeting.
– Arteveldehogeschool, faculty of Business Management. Biweekly meeting of the core team.
– Bostoen. Building Company. Monthly meeting of the Strategy Group 2.
– CY Sales & Marketing. Weekly evaluation meeting with the call agents.
– De Sloep. Group session on educational support for Turkish mothers.
– GE Industrial Solutions. Weekly staff meeting.
– Ghent University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy. Mechanics class.
– IKEA. Three-day training for the Sales, Logistics & Communication managers.
– Intercultureel Netwerk Gent. Monthly Staff Meeting.
– Lodge De Ruwe Kassei. Weekly session.
– Psychiatrisch Centrum Dr. Guislain. Department De Klip. ‘De Zotte Morgen’: meeting of the residents with some of the staff members to discuss the practical issues of the next day.
– Sint-Michielsgilde. Annual meeting of the members of the Board.
– Vooruit, bar & catering team. Periodical meeting.
– Vtax, a taxi company. Changing of the drivers’ day shift by the night shift.

ROTTERDAM: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Gemeente Rotterdam. Meeting of the Executive Board and the municipal secretary.
– Grannys Finest. Knitting class for seniors under the guidance of a fashion designer.
– Hogeschool InHolland. Consultation of the Board of Examiners of the Media & Entertainment Management section.
– Kooijman Lambert Notaries. Daily morning meeting.
– Leeszaal Rotterdam West. Breakfast for freelancers.
– Pauluskerk. Kerkcafé. At this meeting, a team is discussing recent events with regard to Bible stories.
– Rotterdam Running Ambassadors. Meeting after weekly training session.
– Rotterdamse Schouwburg, opening Festival De Keuze.
– Unique Interim. Consultants and Managers work meeting.
Wi Masanga. Neighbourhood activity of the Surinamese community in Rotterdam.

LEUVEN: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Acerta, a service provider for entrepreneurs, specialized in HR advice and social administration. Meeting of the Change Management consultants.
– ALMA, restaurant for students and employees of the University of Leuven. Management meeting.
– Cinema Zed, before the movie ‘Lars and the real girl’ starts.
– de Ark, primary school. This school year’s first meeting of the parents’ council.
– De Warande, a cultural centre located in Turnhout. Guided tour in STUK for the logistic and technical staff.
– European Parliament, Socialists & Democrats (S&D). Meeting of the work group Transport, about the 4th European Rail Package.
– Filipiniana-Europa vzw, multicultural associaton for Philippine women and other nationalities. Meeting to prepare the Dinner-Costume Party to celebrate their 15 years birthday.
– Imec, a research institute for nano-electronics and nano-technology. Team meeting external communication.
– Landelijke Gilden, organization that organizes social-cultural activities for people living in the countryside. Team meeting ‘Planning and Education’.
– Leuven: the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen in the city of Leuven. Weekly meeting.
– Museum M, museum for classical and contemporary art. Training for the staff about ‘working with volunteers’.
– Prison Leuven. Training for the guards.
– Vormingplus, socio-cultural centre for adult education. Meeting of the education team.

HELSINKI: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– Bore, shipping company. Meeting between Bore’s responsible for communication and HR, and an external team of web designers.
– CGI, local and global end-to-end IT and business process services. One of the weekly team meetings.
– Helsinki University Central Hospital Emergency department, medical staff-meeting following the night shift.
– Institut Français. Weekly meeting of the administration team.
– ISS (International Service Solutions), a global provider of facility services. Monthly staff-meeting of the cleaning team of Kiasma.
– Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art.
– Kinapori Service Centre for elderly people. Weekly meeting of Kinapori’s social and health instructors.
– Minerva Foundation Institute for medical research in biomedicine. Weekly meeting including scientific lecture for laboratory researchers.
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. PR-department meeting.
– Stockmann Department Store. Morning meeting for the store’s salespersons.
– Tsto, a design agency serving in fields of graphic design, art direction and consultancy in both digital and printed media. Weekly team meeting between the designers.

BRUSSELS: Lecture For Every One was hosted by:

– African Joys, a gospel choir, weekly rehearsal in church.
– ASCO Industries, a hightech company active in the aerospace industry, works council (union & management).
– BECI, Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry (represents and supports the interests of businesses in Brussels in their dealings with local, federal and international authorities), executive committee.
– BNP Paribas. Conversation table.
– Café Marché, a music orchestra, rehearsal.
– Le Cercle Gaulois, a gentlemen’s club, during a lunch debate on urbanism.
– COMOPSAIR, Belgian Defense. Division Commanders Meeting.
– Conservatoire Royale, a French theatre school. Bachelor class physical theatre. (try-out)
– Davidsfonds, a Flemish cultural association, regional administration meeting.
– Euroclear, Central Securities Depository of Belgium, HR management meeting.
– European School of Administration.
– European School for Podologie. Bachelor class English. (try-out)
– Feza, a French course for immigrant women.
– Flemish Government, the Work and Social Economy department, staff meeting.
– Foyer, an integration centre in Molenbeek, wood workshop.
– German Embassy, staff meeting.
– HOBO. A football club for people in precarious living situations.
– Huis van het Nederlands, Dutch language house of Brussels, staff reunion.
– IBM, a multinational technology and consulting corporation that manufactures and markets computer hardware and software, team meeting of the Client Unit.
– Ixelles, commune. Prevention department. A council meeting.
– KBC, a Belgian bank, HR staff members and juridical advisors meeting.
– Lhiving. Discussion group for deprived people with a chronical disease. (try-out)
– Lydian, a Belgian business law firm, meeting of lawyers working in the Employment department.
– Metro, a free daily newspaper, French editors meeting.
– Molenbeek, City Council. Monthly public hearing.
– Natagora, a nature protection organization, meeting Communication department.
– NEOS Wommelgem. A group of active seniors on a guided tour on the Tour et Taxis site, organized by Korei vzw.
– Nestlé, European Affairs meeting (smallest meeting: 5 people).
– NMBS/SNCB Holding, Belgian Railways. Factory Meeting in the ICT department ICTRA.
– RTD Chorale, choir of people working for different European Institutions in Brussels.
– RVA/ONEM, National Employment Office, meeting of Top 6 and the Organisational Development department.
– RVP/ONP. National Pensions Office, direction committee.
– Saint Jacques, district assembly. Monthly meeting of traders and residents of the District Saint Jacques.
– Securex, international company in the social administration and human resources field, staff committee.
– SeGEC, an umbrella organization for the catholic schools in the French community, internal meeting.
– Sint Rochus Church, at Sunday mass, right after communion (some parts of LFEO will be translated into Lingala by the priest).
– Syntra. An evening course for electricians.
– The Dominican, a 4star luxury hotel, sales meeting.
– Total. Meeting of the External and Professional Communication department.
– Umicore, a global materials technology group, executive committee.
– Union des juifs progressistes, a Belgian-jewish organisation, internal meeting.
– Volvo Trucks, staff meeting.
– VOKA comité Brussels, a Flemish employers organization, during a guided Art Deco and Art Nouveau tour through the city of Brussels, organized by Bruksel Binnenste Buiten.
– VRT, Flemish public radio and TV, chief editors meeting.

In April, we organized TRY-OUTS in GENT. Lecture For Every One was then hosted by:

– IP Hills. Seminar on ‘Cycling Economy’.
– KISP cvo, centre for adult education. Evening sewing class.
– Lions Club, service club. Dinner-debate.
– Sint-Lievenscollege, secondary school. Works council.
– University of Gent. Bachelor class in Dutch Language.