Eyewitness Emmeli J. Stjärnfeldt, about CBG

Emmeli J. Stjärnfeldt attended LFEO at CBG, a translation agency.








I find it impossible not to be moved by this text. So universal yet so personal. What are our responsibilities as humans for ourselves, others and the world? It leaves me with a broken heart yet a desire to love more, to be more open to love. The space I’ve entered is a fika rum, people are sitting together sharing cake and drinking coffee. When the lecture starts I can see some uncomfortable faces, suspicious and perhaps a little intimidated by this stranger coming in claiming the space. I know nothing of these people here, perhaps they’ve never entered a theatre? Perhaps they go twice a week? How much do they subject themselves to art, to news, to philosophy? I don’t know. And that is what’s so precious – the lecture is for everyone, it doesn’t only present itself to the ones who’ve chosen to be there, the lecture is an intruder. And no matter what people take from it, I know for a fact that they’ll take something, positive or negative – the space is electric through the ears of the observer. The art of listening is practised to perfection.